IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

A light-bathed retreat

by Tang Chao Interior Design

Project Description

To leverage abundant daylight in this sun-filled abode, the living room is placed at the sunny side. The layout allows natural light to flow uninterrupted into the connected living room, the dining room, the piano room, and the Buddhist altar. These spaces are separated by the roof ridge, bookcase wall, and sliding glass door. The seemingly unobstructed open layout clearly defines each space, creating a nicely blended balance of strength and softness.
To create a serene atmosphere, natural wood elements are incorporated into modern style interior design with a humanistic approach. To make a strong statement of determination and stability, the marble reveals the vista view and the main view in the space. The glossy gray mirror, metal, and titanium coating, with layers upon layers of detail, gradually exude a luxurious yet low-key elegance in a mellow and amicable ambience.
Upon opening the entrance door, the stability of the wood tones sets the tone for a serene environment and gives a warm welcome. The beige and gray marble is framed by dark and inky stone. To eliminate the look of chaos, the clean-cut lines offset the disorder feel of a burst of arborescent veins. Dark green needles of the coniferous trees and falling white snowflakes on the stone outline a vista view of Scandinavian forests in winter, adding a cool tone to the elegant field of wood elements. The yellow lamps buried inside the vista wall instantly light up the space, while the gold veins introduce a warm, cozy entrance.
The main TV wall with mottled textures injects a sense of nostalgia into the space, and meanwhile achieves a distinctive look between delicacy and roughness. Behind the sofa, the partial wall with a hollowed-out bookcase opens up a generous vertical space, and also creates a tranquil Buddhist altar.
The dark brown wood grains at the border between the living room and dining room create a porch. It not only makes the structural beams look less intrusive, but also defines different spaces. In the dining room, the calm stone materials paired with the lightweight wood accents bring a sense of stability to the interior. As the dark tones contrast nicely against shallow shades, the diffused glow brings harmonious and rich layers of changes.
On the ceiling with frames, the grayscale edges add visual height to the space. In the original structure, a low beam spans across the living room and dining room, creating a sense of oppression. To offset the oppression, bronze gold titanium coated metal covers the surface of the beam. Its exterior is trimmed with grayscale iron pieces to soften the obstructive volumes under the diffused light, and the shimmering tones bounce off the surfaces to cast a sparkle around the room and add elegant charm to the residence.
A perfect space to de-stress is created in the master bedroom. A TV has been moved to this area to bring purity to the sleep zone. The gray stone patterns and wooden lattice exude a quiet and relaxing ambience for sleep.

Tang Chao Interior Design

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