IDPA Japan Design Award

YANGO Winner Mansion

by AC Studio

Projet Description

We inherit everything inherent in the space and become part of the artwork. "We inherit everything that is inherent in the space to become part of the work of art.
--Christo Vladimirov
The legendary late Bulgarian artist Christo Vladimirov Javacheff created the first large-scale public art work "big air package". This work is by far the largest frameless inflatable airbag in the world and the most expensive indoor sculpture in the world. It was originally transformed from an old gas tank. The interior amplifies the misty atmosphere of the space by diffuse reflection light. The interior continues this technique to introduce light into it to make the whole space more interesting.
Each architectural space is like the vastly different people in the world, with its own characteristics and different from each other. Grasping the most important thing, you can create an architecturally distinctive interior space. The atrium of this project is a temporarily closed atrium with a high overhead, which is its biggest special feature. How to play out, how to play out with characteristics, the design is developed around this. Christo's sculptures have fascinating features and give great inspiration to the design. We combined light and made good use of the atrium, making it the core of the project in the vertical direction.
The whole space is like an upside-down T-shape, holding a point on it in your hand, you will find that you can easily pick it up. This simple and complex relationship between plane and space is what fascinates us most every time.

AC Studio
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