IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Jinke, Dalian, Jiuxi Sales Center

by MAUDEA (Shanghai) Interior Architects Ltd.

Projet Description

This case attempts to create a refined, pure and fashionable Habitat Aesthetics Museum. Combining culture and art, relying on nature, and based on the fashion concept of the boutique, we are committed to creating a diversified life experience space with immersive experience, quality, and both social experience and art appreciation functions. Dialogue with fashion, dialogue with nature, dialogue with life. Entering the hall, following the towering columns on both sides, the focus of his eyes first fell on the huge spiral staircase. The design of the stairs is inspired by the golden section Nautilus, which symbolizes the beauty of power and movement. The spiral design also maximizes the use of space. The black stairs echo each other with the ink-colored marble patterned floor tiles, and they have a visual effect of focusing and shrinking. Hanging from the zenith and running through the center of the spiral staircase is a crystal chandelier from Barovier & Toso, crystal clear, as if stars are falling into the mortal world, bringing passion, conveying positive feelings, and creating a special emotional atmosphere. Their value can accumulate more and more with the passage of time. The open sand table has removed the traditional fence. The surrounding arc design not only avoids crowding, provides a more humane communication and interaction space, but also makes the entire space more open. The leather surface is low-key and stable, giving people softness and comfort from the touch and visual sense, while continuing the high-level texture of the hall.

MAUDEA (Shanghai) Interior Architects Ltd.

上海牧笛室内设计工程有限公司MAUDEA (Shanghai) Interior Architects Ltd.

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