IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Shenyang Yango Feili Zuoan Sales Center


Projet Description

Sunshine City·Fili left bank roots the high-end concept of "Fili series" in the architectural texture, and uses modern architecture to create a new landmark of urban residence, creating a new model of residential life for the people of Shenfu, and opening a new era of Shenfu residential ! The overall space uses light gray as the color tone, with green and orange as the main colors, aiming to create a natural and poetic modern art space with a sense of life. The streamlined design of the sand table space gives the space an agile artistry.
"Nature" is one of the most important elements. Green is the most alive color. When you see it, people will have unlimited vitality. The designer uses plants as a symbol of growth and intends to create a space close to nature. A large number of green plants, warm wood finishes, and large-area exterior windows give the space more vitality. The designer interprets the natural and humanistic etiquette prefaces with artistic and modern morphemes, so that the space reflects the thickness and temperature of humanity in rationality. The cabinets for artworks in the water bar area add a touch of humanity to the whole atmosphere.
The negotiation area breaks the boundaries between spaces with large floor-to-ceiling windows and an open, concise and orderly layout, allowing the natural charm to shuttle freely. The leather sofa in green and gray stitching colors is simple and elegant, creating an unassuming, high-class and light luxury atmosphere.
In the elegant and artistic gray tone space, a little orange embellishment makes people feel the magic immediately, improves the tone of the entire space, creates a soft and calm space atmosphere, and makes people feel relaxed and happy. The concert of nature and modern humanities is within easy reach. The designer focuses on natural colors to create a natural and simple style for the interior, and uses clean and light colors to express a minimalist naturalism.

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