IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award



Projet Description

Shaping the memory of the city into the space. Since ancient times, compared to most cities, Hangzhou has been born with more affection: the mountains and rocks are dependent on each other, and the drizzle is rainy. The lifestyle that exists here also has an iterative meaning of "everything in the past is a prologue". In the past, it used to enjoy the moon and lake, and make tea and wine. Now, driven by internationalization, it has added a taste of elegance, luxury and interest. Shuttle between history and modernity Regarding the future of the project, we have never stopped thinking, we will pay more and more attention to cross-border, connecting and integrating internal and external energies, and thinking about more possibilities of space. A place where art and nature are in harmony, adhering to modern young people's admiration, and capable of internalizing emotional and cultural memories in the space, came into being. We hope to explore how to shape the memory of the city into the space, present an environment where history and contemporary times, classics and fashion, humanities and nature are in harmony and symbiosis, and drive the emotional resonance of viewers. The collision of classic and fashion The front desk flower art in the entrance lobby is based on respecting nature, using nature, and integrating natural views, creating a borderless color beauty with green vine installations, and integrating natural elements into the space through artistic techniques. The white circular chandelier above the front desk serves as an ornament, like a green bead in the greenery, intertwining with the green plants. The chairs in the reception area use modern and simple shapes and beige leather and fabrics to create a sense of unity in the entire space. Appropriate white space allows participants to blend into the space. The art of lamp installation above the sand table area drifts between prosperity and tranquility through the dots of stars, but is surrounded by city lights. The natural flowing lines gently lift up the starry sky, just like such an indifferent and peaceful state of mind and a leisurely and comfortable mood of life.



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