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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Y-CLUB Restaurant & Bar


Project Description

Y-CLUB Restaurant & Bar
Y-CLUB is positioned as a high-end business hospitality club. The design hopes to incorporate the Roaring Twenties, a brief but special period of time, into the space, aiming to provide a high-end business bar and dining complex for office workers. The entire project is characterized by seven themes that provide guests with a variety of spaces to explore from within the bar. In addition, each themed space presents a unique dining environment with a variety of colors to create an impressive visual sensory experience and an immersive atmosphere.
In terms of materials, the entire public area uses golden frosted stainless steel as the main material for the large wall façade, which outlines the different dimensions of reality and emptiness through the treatment of solid blocks and perforated openings. At the same time, the use of art paint is simple, the natural texture of the material and the reflection of light, will be a comfortable environment perception of diffusion; the use of glass and stone, reflecting a more diverse space and layers. Upper and lower undulating black titanium stainless steel ceiling block runs through each corner and black sands marble floor mapping up and down, making the space height more tension.
In contrast to the mysterious and cold tone of the public area, the private room area was given a new character, using bold and flamboyant design techniques to create an atmosphere of gentleness, coldness, opulence, spontaneity and introspection in the dining environment, while maintaining the privacy of the private area.
We have designed the Y-CLUB club to combine multiple dining experiences in one place, and have controlled the use of materials to create a simple and pure club space. The whole design discards the exaggerated decoration and creates a mysterious and exquisite club experience by carefully planning the space, selecting the materials and creating the lighting with care.
Power 8 Lighting Showroom
' Architecture is the vessel of light, explore light as a media to deconstruct and reorganized to form a space.'
The aim of the Power 8 Lighting Showroom is to "explore the infinite possibilities of light". Designers interpret a deconstructed virtual space and explore different spatial experiences of light through the language of space design.
Create an' ‘Indefinite' space of light, a space that simply allows light to flow without established routes, functions and uses. There is no established route in the space, and people can only explore every corner of the space through the guidance of light. The basic geometric forms of point, line and surface are adopted in the design, which allows people to cut off the relevance of reality and enter a virtual space constructed purely by light.
The main design voice of space interprets and constructs a virtual space experience through different forms and combinations of three main elements: structure, material and lighting. Structurally, by cutting and disassembling the geometric blocks in the space, and distributed in different sizes to provide different planes and gaps for light to penetrate, and radiate out in different spaces to form associations and render different levels. Use highly reflective materials to reflect and refract different dimensions and layers in space. Finally, with multiple lighting methods, let light as the soul protagonist render the whole space through different colors, brightness and dynamic changes.
Therefore, SANJ is an eighth-power lighting research institute, and expresses the brand concept of "exploring the infinite possibilities of light" with the concept of "deconstruction and reorganization"


Chen Jianhuang majored in interior design in Singapore and later in architecture at University College London. After graduation, he worked for SCDA architecture in Singapore, where he engaged in commercial, hotel and residential design. With many years of living and working experience around the world,JH Chen founded SANJ Design Studio at Xiamen in 2018,and held the position of Design Director.

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