IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

XiaMen International Healthy Rest Community Phase I Interior Design

by Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Let the elders experience sojourn-combined elderly care in a familiar environment and live an ideal elderly care life. Maintain the original lifestyle habits, so that the elderly feel at home and can relax and care for the elderly. With the unique climate and scenery conditions, experience the resort-style Jimei seaside culture. Rural pension. The incorporation of the culture of the times, the memories and sense of substitution of the young time, and reminiscent of the good times.
The route of moving the egret to the south connects the four functional areas of the community, and the marketing area with the theme of Dongdu Port. The functional area named after the Genting Pavilion, the characteristic market Zengcuo'an. The nursing area with Lushantang as the background finally came to the apartment area of Wulongyu, the habitat. Depicting an ideal community with local culture, and combining the characteristics of each functional area to give a certain moral and image distinction. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the naming of each functional area, the logo pattern of the functional area is outlined in the form of simple strokes, so that the elderly can be placed in a cultural and historical environment, and can identify each functional area well and facilitate memory.
(3) Design style:
Xiamen has a profound historical and cultural heritage and is representative of the heritage of southern Fujian. Therefore, we use the new Chinese style as the main style to explain the overall large area space. Wooden frame elements are flexibly used in each functional space, adding local red brick wall screens in southern Fujian, adding local cultural elements, incorporating the definition of space characteristics, distinguishing the characteristics of each functional area with soft decoration, and emphasizing the theme. The overall space does not lose its integrity, and there is an element represented by the space, which illuminates the characteristics of the space.

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