IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

“Beijing Deheheng (Kunming) Law Firm” Office Decoration Design

by Han Guangyu Ma Sha Yang Qiuping

Projet Description

Between the latitude and longitude of the world, the top of the law is in the clouds. Law firms play an important role in many fields. In the project design, the designer starts from the aspects of practical function, visual beauty, customer experience, employee experience, etc., through insight into the various needs that the space needs to meet. At the same time, with the help of the high degree of direct access to the sky, we will create a high-efficiency office space for the integrated and international professional service organization of Germany and Heng. Provide the ultimate customer experience and create a unique sense of employee happiness.
Quiet and profound is the first experience of space. The water ripple-shaped ceiling at the entrance and the ceiling line lights are a touch of decoration in the front hall. The changing light is diffusely reflected on the water ripple ceiling, sometimes water waves flow, sometimes precision and calm. The subtle changes lead to the variation of the atmosphere of the space, and the contrast between movement and stillness gives the space more layers.
The conference center is based on gray. Nearly 360-degree surrounding floor-to-ceiling windows frame the outdoor sky, with plenty of natural light, and a variety of layouts can be easily matched with folding partitions to improve space utilization. Create flexible and agile diverse scenarios for all-staff meetings, lectures and training, keynote speeches, moot courts, etc.;
The staff working area is spacious and bright, and the space is made more agile by introducing ergonomic furniture that is conducive to physical and mental health, decorative ornaments with high artistic perception, and environmentally friendly carpets.

Han Guangyu Ma Sha Yang Qiuping
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