IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

SKY MANSION Tianzhu International Apartment

by Guangzhou Sammu Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

From ‘home’ to ‘dwelling’, and then to ‘poetic dwelling’, SammuDesign returns to the most essential thinking of design, erases unnecessary decorations, and responds to the original intention of living with ordinary life, quiet and simple depth.
The Jianye Tianzhu International Apartment project is benchmarked against a five-star apartment, aiming to create another ‘home’ for the urban upstarts, not only satisfying the aesthetic appeal of most people, but also creating more universality for art.
Contrasting with nature Design is not only to create an ideal residence full of vitality, but also to convey ideas and lifestyles. Encountering nature in space is how many people dream of a poetic dwelling, and we realize it concretely.
Through transparent floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the lobby and corridor, the perfect balance between "borrowing light from nature" and "creating light by yourself" is achieved. So the lobby enters the room with pure texture, the warmth of wood, the quietness of black, white and gray, and the fashion of art. They are independent and relying on each other, facing the scenery with nature, and outputting a leisurely style.
Terrazzo on the ground, cement paint on the walls, artistic Italian Edra furniture and Dutch Pietheineek furniture, the roughness of the large surfaces collides with the exquisite art. Every placement is the brushstroke of a space scroll, black, white, deep, and light are appropriate, rendering contemporary simplicity.
Space is surface, art is point
Jianye Tianzhu International Apartment has two restaurants in total, namely Tianshang All-day Dining Restaurant and Zhu. Izakaya. The composition and presentation in contemporary aesthetic style highlight the beauty of the artistic conception under the design brushstrokes. The warm color and mellow shape give a touch of sensibility in the square inch.

Guangzhou Sammu Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Sammu Design 由拥有丰富高端专案经验及极具现代国际设计视野的设计师于2009年创立,公司以规范化的系统管理、先进的设计理念赢得客户的一致认可。以经营类空间设计为核心服务,涵盖高端酒店、公寓、会所、商业、办公、软装、景观及建筑策划。

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