IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Club House Of LOGAN Hee Coast Shantou

by Guangzhou Sammu Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Stepping in from the main entrance, you can see the daylighting patio, the waterscape in the well and the welcoming pine, breaking the form of the conventional commercial space, constructing a quiet and pure natural space for visitors, and solving the lighting problem of sunken buildings without windows on all sides. .
The axisymmetric space structure in the entire lobby is dominated by light tones. The reception desk on the right is made of extra-large crystal emerald green marble, which outlines the noble and contemporary charm.
"We also designed a mother element for this project, the character'xi' of Xihai Coast, which is simplified and displayed in the main space of this project in a pattern of flowers." said the designer. This design is made of stainless steel and appears in the wind and rain corridor outside the gate, the background of the front desk, the opposite scenery, the swimming pool area, etc., adding a sense of modernity and strength, and successfully introducing light. Through the gaps of the flowers, gently drape, light and shadow romantic.
The tea area highlights the Chinese atmosphere. Enclosed with a classic herringbone roof, the ancient stone stools are paved with pulp, the long coffee table is poured over time, and the exquisite tea sets are pouring in with the scenery of mountains and rocks in the background, which is elegant and leisurely.
The water bar mainly displays the simple Chinese charm, adding the Jiangnan style landscape glass painting, and vaguely runs through the tea area. Introducing nature into the room, and designing a large area of perforated walls, which does not fall into the traditional complicatedness, and does not lose the consideration of details.

Guangzhou Sammu Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Sammu Design 由拥有丰富高端专案经验及极具现代国际设计视野的设计师于2009年创立,公司以规范化的系统管理、先进的设计理念赢得客户的一致认可。以经营类空间设计为核心服务,涵盖高端酒店、公寓、会所、商业、办公、软装、景观及建筑策划。

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