IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Xi Nan Village Party and Masses service center

by Suzhou SHICHA Design and Production Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Xiumei Xinan -- party and masses service center of Xinan village, Changshu -- [ era background ] people-centered satisfaction is the value orientation and fundamental standard for our party to do all its work [ project background ] it is located to the southeast of Bixi Town, Changshu, to the east are Lu Shi and Zhilin villages of Dong Bang Town, to the south is Zhou Jing village, to the west is Namch'on river, to the north are Bi Xi Ji Town, Xi Dong Village and Xu Hu Village, the land is fertile. [ design goal ] the function is first, let the warmth reach the people directly the party and the masses service center according to“The function is practical, the convenience activity, agglomerates the people, the outstanding service” principle, adhering to the concept of“Use-oriented, demand-oriented, to create a temperature of the party and the masses service”, to the party's organization and the party's work for the goal of full coverage, to provide the public with an open, shared, one-stop party and masses comprehensive service body. [ design exposition ] the overall design form combines the features of the vernacular architecture of the southern part of the river in Xinan village, taking the new Chinese style as the design expression, and specially taking“Home” as the design theme, let Xinan villagers in the“Door” can enjoy a rich and convenient intimate service, so that the party and the masses service center full of“Home” flavor

Suzhou SHICHA Design and Production Co., Ltd.

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