IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Scandinavian Purity


Project Description

Scandinavian style advocates comfort, nature, and simplicity, mainly using natural elements in the interior design to create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere for the space. This is an office interior design project for the rental and sale of housing. The designer follows the owner's ideas with a "people-oriented" design to create the desired spatial appearance in the owner's mind. The overall Scandinavian style is planned as the base, and the natural wood color is used to render the space, breaking the traditional office format and dullness, allowing not only the company staff to experience the warmth of the workplace but also allowing the customers to feel as comfortable and warm as home. In this way, a relaxed and creative working environment is created.
When entering the office, one will notice that wood is planned as the main spatial focus, combined with warm colors and curved elements to create a soft and elegant atmosphere. The reception area is integrated with the office area, and a low wall design is used to achieve a visual effect of openness and neatness. At the same time, detecting, receiving, and providing services to clients when they arrive is possible. Two golden cylindrical chandeliers dangle towards the bar area, adding a sense of sophistication and elegance. In addition, the bar area is planned for clients’ use and as a place for colleagues to relax and unwind during their leisure time at work, thus increasing interaction and communication, cultivating revolutionary emotions and enhancing centripetal force. In addition, considering that the office space requires a lot of storage space, the entire surface of the storage cabinet and multiple shelves are specially set up to meet the needs of the company's employees and to maximize the use of space.
The designer has introduced a sense of life into the office space with a simple, natural, and casual Scandinavian style to plan the entire workplace, break away from the stereotype of an office, and bring a sense of purity and comfort into the space, creating a relaxed and happy office atmosphere. Natural aesthetics are introduced into the space, using warm wood colors, simple lines, and shapes to create the space. Other than that, natural light is introduced into the room, combined with green plants to decorate the space, creating a fresh, vibrant, and natural green working environment.
With the rising awareness of environmental protection, green building materials such as eco-friendly wood flooring, wood veneer, special paint, and latex paint are used throughout the office to reduce the impact on the ecological environment and to implement the four significant environmental protection aspects, including habitat health, ecological health, human health, and global sustainability, so that the space can be used with greater peace of mind. In addition, the office environment is decorated with green plants, which can absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen to reduce the greenhouse effect and purify the air, thus achieving the goal of a friendly environment. In addition, through the designers' ingenuity, the natural light source is configured correctly to let much natural light into the room. Therefore, it not only reduces the use of lighting but also enhances the comfort of the space only reduces the use of lighting but also enhances the comfort of the space.


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