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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Wooden Rock Sanctuary

by TJ Interior Design

Project Description

This is an exceptional residential plan for an apartment building located in the heart of the city that has been thoughtfully crafted to blend modern and Scandinavian aesthetics seamlessly. The designer has meticulously chosen natural materials such as stone and wood to create a warm and inviting ambiance, bringing elements of nature indoors. The color scheme, based on black, white, and grey, offers a sense of sophistication and elegance, while also exuding a contemporary vibe. The designer has adopted a minimalist approach to layout spaces, which is cleverly complemented by hidden storage functions that have been seamlessly integrated into the living environment. The result is a clean and beautiful space that is not only comfortable but also functional. The project's main focus is on "people-oriented" design that puts the residents' needs and comfort first.
A substantial number of mirrors have been strategically placed along the entrance to expand the visual space and give the impression of a more spacious area. Upon entering the public space, you will be greeted by the luxurious marble flooring, a sophisticated TV wall, and a stunning dining table that all work together to create a calm and serene environment. The ceiling and display cabinets have been crafted with soft-colored wood to counterbalance the coldness of the gray and black stone, thereby infusing warmth into the atmosphere.
The living room and kitchen space are integrated seamlessly, forming an open area with a wide pattern that enhances the flow of movement and space while also increasing the activity range for residents. This open concept design maintains the connectivity between different functional spaces, thereby promoting family interaction and nurturing emotional relationships. On the other hand, the built-in refrigerator in the kitchen and dining space has been integrated with the surrounding cabinetry, resulting in a more consistent design and reducing any odd spaces, making it easier for residents to store their things.
In the private area of the residence, the bedroom has been thoughtfully designed to maximize space and provide the residents with a functional yet stylish living area. The highlight of the bedroom is the lift bed, which can be stored in the wall when not in use, freeing up floor space. This clever design solution not only saves space but also makes the room more versatile, allowing the residents to use the space for other activities when the bed is not needed.
The bedroom also features ample storage space, with several cabinets that provide plenty of room for clothes, shoes, and other personal items. But the designer didn't stop there - they also added a special space for display cabinets. This allows the residents to showcase their favorite items and collections in a neat and organized way, while also avoiding the problems that can come with hoarding or over-consumption of items. Overall, the bedroom is a perfect example of functional yet stylish design, with every detail carefully considered to make the most of the available space and provide the residents with a comfortable and enjoyable living area.
This project employs a multitude of natural materials to create a contemporary and fashionable ambiance. Through simple and practical planning, the interior space achieves the best use of the ping effect, resulting in an elegant, comfortable and functional space. The design not only focuses on aesthetics and humanized functional requirements, but also emphasizes environmental protection and sustainable development. Firstly, marble, solid wood veneer and other natural materials are used to reduce the generation of construction waste. Secondly, appropriate window openings are planned to effectively utilize natural light and reduce artificial lighting during the daytime, achieving the effect of energy efficiency and carbon reduction. This approach realizes the environmental benefits of "human health" and "global sustainability".

TJ Interior Design

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