IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Enjoying Serenity

by W&CH Design

Project Description

Modern life is fast-paced, and people are often under a lot of pressure, which can lead to anxiety. Therefore, it is important to have a living space that can help relieve stress. The designer has carefully planned every aspect of the living space of this residence, from the layout and movement arrangement to the warm and elegant space construction and sufficient storage space. We are committed to creating a relaxing environment for the residents, allowing them to unwind and let go of their complicated thoughts.
As you step inside the house, the open layout plan immediately catches your eye. The seamless integration of the living room, dining room, and kitchen gives the space a feeling of grandeur, making it perfect for accommodating the homeowner's family and friends. The generous walkway and ample space add to the overall convenience and safety of the residents.
The color palette of the house is predominantly neutral, with subtle hints of warm wood that lend the space an earthy feel. The lighting design is carefully planned to create a soft, warm and comfortable ambiance that makes the residents feel right at home. The different lighting options available in the house allow the residents to adjust the atmosphere as per their mood, giving them the freedom to create a varied ambiance that suits their needs.
The designer has employed a clever combination of design elements to create a space that exudes cleanliness and tidiness. The air-conditioning system has been designed to be hanging and hidden, blending seamlessly into the ceiling. The entrances and exits of each unit in the space have been concealed behind doors, simplifying the visual look of the space and giving it a pure and uncluttered feel.
In addition, the designer has taken into account the storage needs of the residents and has created a layout that combines display areas, storage spaces, and furniture configuration. The use of an L-shaped cooking table in the kitchen, for instance, not only provides a practical and functional cooking space but also doubles as a display area. This kind of thoughtful design allows for maximum use of space while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the overall design.
The core concept of this case is "simplicity". The design adopts a subtractive approach and plans the right functional configuration to meet the homeowner's needs while avoiding over-decoration which could cause resource depletion. Environmentally friendly and low-formaldehyde building materials are used throughout the house. The layout and window openings are arranged in a way that increases lighting and ventilation while also preventing direct sunlight from creating microclimates within the interior space. This helps to reduce the need for air-conditioning and artificial lighting, achieving the environmental benefits of "Habitat Health", "Eco-Health", "Human Health", and "Earth Sustainability".

W&CH Design

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