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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Light Corridor

by Living Design

Project Description

At the entryway, the flooring tiles with gray stone patterns delineate a mud room. Instead of aligning with the storage cabinet, the clever design of a recessed floor-to- ceiling shoe cabinet adds depth to the space. Then, plenty of storage cabinets are installed under the beam. At the end, the column is regarded as part of the cabinets, divided equally and wrapped by the same material to mitigate the oppressive feeling and visual abruptness of the column. The short wood beam across the room serves as a porch, which also offsets the compression of the beam and creates a division between the living room and dining room.
All those details serve to enhance a room's overall look. The gap between the beam and the column is filled by the widened beam, resulting in visual fluidity. Decorative white frame echoes the dimensions of the door. In an orderly fashion, the design breaks up heavy large wood surfaces and creates layers to bring a fresh, new look. Thin slate tiles with gray and white stone patterns form the TV wall, and the airy and glossy surface reflects the ice-crystal luster under the sunlight. Behind the sofa, the large blank wall provides a visual breathing room. A kitchen island with table combo creates a circular pathway to divert the traffic flow of the public and private areas. After carefully calculated, the hallways are in the same width to offer a sense of consistency, once again embodying the neatness of modern style. Having outlets on the kitchen island allows homeowners to use small appliances. Meanwhile, the kitchen island also serves as a relay station, adding functionality for meal preparation.
After removing the door to the bedroom, a double-sided cabinet is installed to fill in the gap, while the room is incorporated into the bedroom, making it a space for the homeowner to relax and enjoy. Replacing the door with a cabinet is an efficient option for refreshing the look of the space. Instead of removing the walls, we add more display space to the public area to save resources.
The bedside wall is made of soft upholstery fabric to create a serene and soothing atmosphere, and the bathroom door is integrated into the wall. The simple dividing lines continue the tone of the modern style, and the short beam oozes the warmth of the wood to offset the heaviness of the volume. With an opening cut into the partition wall and a folding door to delineate the independence of the space, the bedroom is a private sanctuary for the homeowners to retreat to. Without existing frames, the space embraces a relaxed and unhurried pace of life.

Living Design

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