IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Setting Sun

by The Pure Design

Project Description

Residential design is an art that aims to create a living space that meets people's material needs and satisfies their spiritual needs. The designer of such a space must have a deep understanding of the residents' personalities, preferences, needs, and habits. This understanding helps the designer to create a space that is not only functional but also beautiful. In this particular project, the color scheme is simple yet elegant. Using black, white, and grey tones creates an atmosphere of sophistication and intellectualism. The warm wood and lightweight luxury metal elements add a touch of refinement and delicacy to the space. The residence has two unique features - a pitched roof and a high ceiling. The designers have used these features excellently to introduce ample lighting, massive storage, and spatial layers into the residence. This has transformed the "home" into a practical and artistic space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Stepping into the interior spacw, one will immediately notice the grand entrance light that has been thoughtfully designed to create a sense of ceremony for the homeowners. The warm glow emanating from the light injects a welcoming and cozy atmosphere into the space. The shared living area is a sight to behold, with an open layout that seamlessly integrates the living room, dining room, and other areas. The large floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to flood the space, making it visually brighter and more inviting. The high ceiling space adds a touch of grandeur to the overall design, making the space feel more spacious and airy. On the other hand, the room is equipped with a variety of lighting equipment that can be adjusted according to the user's needs, allowing for a customized lighting experience. The designers have made excellent use of the high ceiling space by setting up overhead cabinets, which not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the space but also greatly increase the storage space.
In the dining room, the wood grille design on the ceiling adds a touch of warmth to the space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The design also differentiates the area from the rest of the space, giving it a unique identity. The bathroom adjacent to the dining room has a hidden door that has been seamlessly integrated with the sideboard, creating a sleek and modern look. The gray glass sliding door design maintains visual consistency while resolving feng shui concerns, making it a perfect addition to the space. Moving to the private area, one will notice that the designer has used light colors and warm wood to create a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. The space exudes a sense of tranquility, giving residents a quiet and stable sleeping experience.
The designers of this living space prioritized both the visual appeal and the health of the environment. They used eco-friendly, non-toxic materials to create a safe and secure living environment for the owners. The house features zero-formaldehyde eco-friendly paints and system panels, as well as low energy consumption and highly efficient LED lighting, which not only reduces the impact on the earth but also saves energy. The public and private areas are equipped with large external windows that allow natural light to enter the room, providing a comfortable and bright living space while reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. This design achieves the environmental goals of "Habitat Health", "Ecological Health", "Human Health" and "Earth Sustainability".

The Pure Design

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