IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Uji Kintoki

by CozyNest Interior Design

Project Description

This case involves the planning of a single-story residential building with an indoor area of approximately 79.3 square meters. The building is forty years old, and during renovations, there was a focus on the layout of pipelines and partitions, incorporating greenery and wooden elements throughout the space, along with decorative touches of woven elements. The entrance area intentionally features blank walls, with plans to have plantings growing on the terrazzo tiles in the future, allowing greenery to freely cover the walls and complement the green walls on both sides.
Natural light is brought into the living and dining areas, reflecting off the kitchen space through aluminum-framed glass sliding doors. Solid wood dining cabinets replace the full-wall system cabinets, giving the entire room a lighter feel. Notably, there is no TV wall in the public area; instead, a solid wood dining table serves as the central space for family gatherings and interactions. A light blue pendant light and iron begonia wall lamp add a finishing touch, enhancing the desired retro atmosphere.
In the private areas, woven elements are combined with a natural theme in soft furnishings, while maintaining flexibility. The master bedroom features bold color contrasts between the walls and floors, with warm orange walls complemented by metal wall lamps, creating a relaxed and comfortable resting space. Carefully selected light blue paint adds a playful touch to the nursery, while a light green wall color in the office area helps to enhance focus and concentration, connecting harmoniously with the lush greenery in the public area.

CozyNest Interior Design

CozyNest Interior Design was established in 2017 in Beitou District, Taipei City, interior design for the general public there are many difficult work methods and terminology, so that many people feel frustrated and discouraged, CozyNest Interior Design hope that through in-depth and concise communication and interaction, to convey the professionalism and beauty of interior design for more people to understand.
The atmosphere of beauty should not be limited by style settings, day residence design excels in simple design techniques, with color changes, software and home furnishings and other elements, stacking the temperature of life and taste of living, the use of simple to present the uncomplicated, the use of ordinary weave out of the extraordinary, to create a unique belonging to each person.

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