IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

The Radiance of Leisure


Project Description

This project focuses on redesigning a remarkable three-story residential house situated in Zhudong Township, Hsinchu County, which has a rich history of over 30 years. Over the years, the house has encountered multiple challenges, including complicated pipelines, old and mottled external walls, and water seepage, leading to severe safety concerns. Furthermore, the previous residents had to cope with low-quality life due to the lack of storage space.  To solve these issues, the design team reinforced the roof structure, reorganized pipelines, and installed hollow cement boards and waterproofing. These measures were necessary to enhance the quality of living and accommodate three different generations in the house. The design team also took into account the preferences, habits, and needs of the three different generations of users to create an exceptional living space. The result is a harmonious environment where the old, middle-aged, and young generations can live comfortably without interfering with each other.
The design of the residence harmoniously blends modern simplicity with Japanese wabi-sabi style and effectively capitalizes on its corner location to optimize natural light exposure. The windows are strategically positioned to admit light from multiple angles, thereby suffusing the entire space with warmth and luminosity. To enhance the living experience, the design prioritizes storage space planning, utilizing the vacant area beneath the staircase to create a storage room. Moreover, a two-way curved ceiling design is ingeniously employed to enclose the space, modifying the diagonal corners of the stairs and significantly augmenting the storage capacity.
The designers have ingeniously used different functional elements to define floor spaces in order to meet the living space needs of each family member. To create a natural and quiet atmosphere, Wabi-sabi and asymmetrical design elements have been incorporated into the design. The first floor is designed as a public area where three generations of family members can communicate with each other. Moving on, the second floor is intended as an activity space for elders and children. To minimize the risk of injury, a curved design has been introduced into the corners. Finally, the third floor is planned as a living space for the husband and wife. Through the design of movement lines, the public and private areas are reasonably divided so that the two areas do not interfere with each other. Each floor is designed for a specific purpose, allowing the whole family to have an independent and comfortable living space.
The talented designers have embarked on a project that involves renovating both the interior and exterior of an old building in the town to breathe new life into it. The objective of the project is to give the building a fresh and cleaner appearance while also raising awareness about the importance of maintaining a clean environment. The design not only takes into account the convenience of three-generation living but also incorporates a green design concept that promotes sustainability. The designers have made the most of the house's location by creating a semi-permeable open space that enhances sunlight and lighting, making the living space more comfortable and welcoming. Additionally, the designers have opted for low-formaldehyde, environmentally friendly latex paint, and E1 certified system cabinet plywood to make the living environment more aesthetically pleasing, warm and comfortable. These choices not only beautify the living space but also protect the health of the residents. The design has successfully infused new green energy into the lives of the residents, creating a healthy and sustainable living environment.


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