IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Wooden residence

by FZU-VOGUE Interior Design

Projet Description

The rustic wood adds a touch of warmth to the residence. Thanks to the transparent layout, the relaxing and stress-free atmosphere spread through the space. Under the spreading natural light, a place of healing that you can leave the weight of the world behind is built.
The public sphere is designed without main light. By replacing traditional lighting with contextual lamps, the gentle light atmosphere is mixed with natural wood veneer to enhance the visual temperature and embody the living scene that heart longs for.
The unobstructed lines and clear glass in the public sphere turn single-sided lighting into an advantage and expand the visual depth of a bright view. Upon opening the door, the wooden elements in the foyer gradually transform into the main TV wall. The door leading to the bedroom comes into sight naturally.
The half-height sofa and low wall along with the glass folding door create a semi-open study room. Flexible partition greatly enhances the functionalities. Warm and simple texture of wood is continued inside the study room. A couch is placed near the window, which becomes a relaxing place to wind down.
The tranquil atmosphere flows into the dining space, and the originality of the solid wood dining table creates a serene and relaxing dining time. The half-height partition serves not only as the back of the bench but also as a separation from the kitchen, allowing the homeowners to maintain a high level of interaction with the family while cooking and preparing meals.
Upon entering the master bedroom, the gentle earth-toned colors establish a calming space that will ensure the sweetest dreams. Next to the window, a desk and a couch are integrated to provide ample rest. On the other side is the clothes hanging area and a showcase for boutiques. A gray glass panel divides the boundaries and creates a simple and uncluttered aesthetic with a semi-obscure effect.

FZU-VOGUE Interior Design

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