IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Pure Daylight

by Ideal Extent Design

Projet Description

With its Modern American design style, the house is just like a retreat that allows the whole family to enjoy leisure and get relaxation. In the open floor plan layout, gentle wood and light color palette provide a base for the space. Instead of overly-complicated design techniques, the simple and clean strokes embody the relaxed charm of the American style.
Upon opening the door, the entrance flooring is made of black and white antique tiles, which portrays a feeling of stability. The delicate door frame and the transparent reeded glass create a division, which not only provide privacy but also allow natural light to spread throughout the space.
Abundant light leads the way to the living room. The warmth of the wood flooring gives a comfortable and skin-friendly feel. Instead of having high standard for audio and video equipment, the house owner wants to bring the outdoor view into the room from the windows. Therefore, the direction of the sofa is rearranged so that the view is dominated by shades of green by plants. The residents can be fully immersed themselves in the greenery. A lattice window is hidden in the display shelf behind the sofa. Thanks to its mobility and flexibility, the living room and multi-purpose room are better connected.
The dining space is linked by the one-line traffic flow. The warm wooden tone of the canopy gives your home a cozy and welcoming dining atmosphere. In order to alleviate the abruptness of the electrical equipment hanging on the canopy, a beveled shape corrects the visual disparity while retaining the original height and releasing the sense of space. The pure white kitchenware is inlaid with vintage tiles in the middle to harmonize the rustic tone of antique wooden dining table and chairs.
In the narrow hallway, the low cabinet in Morandi green along with the bold rose wallpaper gives the pure color field a strong visual focus and infuses a unique American romance. Stepping into the bedroom, a simple and tranquil atmosphere greets you. The bedside wall is framed by smooth lines. On another side of the room, hanging cabinet in copper-gold color creates delicate layers.

Ideal Extent Design

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