IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Prologue of wood and stone

by Invisible Interior Design

Projet Description

The seemingly steady and mellow body can't hide the dynamic changes. Magnificent marble pattern constructs the natural tone of the space, and the warm wooden elements add a splash of comfy-cozy warmth, creating a clean and restrained living scene.
The open layout of the public sphere eliminates the disadvantage of single-sided lighting and allows the warmth of natural light to spread to every corner in the home.
At the entrance, the natural vein of stone pattern welcomes the return of residents every day. Large scale rendering shows the calm and simple spatial thought. The main TV wall not only continues the strength of the stone, while the lower inky countertop echoes the L-shape of the metal panels spanning from the facade to the canopy and extending horizontally to the foyer. The double L-shaped design creates a smooth visual line in harmony.
In the foyer and TV wall, the pure white center island with bar stands out from the dark-colored main scene that extends horizontally. The contrast between color schemes gives the view a breathing space and maximize space. The warm and elegant white color leads to the dining room, conveying a calm and quiet atmosphere for dining. The materials are only made of wood to reduce distractions from the surroundings, allowing the interaction between the occupants and dishes on the table to be the main focus.
Large wooden elements build up the coziness and tranquility in the corridor, gradually leading to a comfortable ambience for sleep. Behind the low sofa wall is the children's room, which uses transparent glass as the medium to release a generous visual depth.
The geometric shapes give children's room a lively, energetic vibe. The low cabinet above the headboard implies an image of a cabin which is full of playfulness. The soft headcloth on the bedside wall and the window-side couch avoid any safety hazards, while the soft white daylight from the window add to the relaxing mood while also creating a cozy atmosphere for bedtime.

Invisible Interior Design

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