IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Stone Desert 

by Mobi Interior Design CO., LTD

Projet Description

Colors of low chroma bring stability that allows residents to leave the hustle and bustle of the city street scene behind for a while. Without going over the top, a pure and simple design creates an elegant and unperturbed daily view.
To minimize the disadvantage of single-sided lighting, the open-plan design for the public sphere allows the warmth of natural light to spread to every corner in the home. Herringbone patterned wood flooring with various shades can provide warm and comfortable skin-friendly feel. Rustic wood adds originality and brings cozy feeling when returning to the lovely home.
The ink-colored cabinets are gradually extended from the entrance to the TV wall, spreading out a continuous flow of vision, eliminating the sense of division between the entrance, living room and dining room naturally, and strengthening the spatial continuity. The open shelves are built among the continuous storage cabinets to provide a breathing space for large volumes.
The height of the TV wall is slightly reduced to create a clear frame line for the main wall to avoid being at the exact level with the cabinet and to take the living room from boring to wow. The white marble wall is delicately rendered with grayscale texture, with lightened gray scale connecting the contrasting dimensions of black and white and linking the harmonious interaction between the volumes. Contextual light sources are embedded in the cabinets and the upper and lower part of the main wall, which emit tipsy atmosphere at night.
The wall behind the sofa is wrapped in a warm gray texture and extends into the dining room. The center island with bar combined with the dining table can offer multiple functions. Simple lines are paired with a soft white color field, creating a light and bright dining ambience.
Without high-contrast colors, the earthy colors in the bedroom make it a soothing sleeping retreat. The latte gray bedside wall creates a more relaxing space and add extra softness. Doors and closet are made of warm brown veneer to carry out the warm tones and create a relaxing ambience for sleep.

Mobi Interior Design CO., LTD

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