IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Dancing in the Daylight

by Change Interior Design Ltd.

Projet Description

In the calming and mellow residence, its contemporary design is characterized by natural elements, such as wood, plaster and stone to create a serene and unhurried pace of living. Transparent glass partition allows natural light to spread freely across the room without unduly obstructing the view, eliminating the disadvantage of single-sided lighting. In the open-concept floor plan, the light enters through the space to deconstructs the volumes and leave shadows of different shades. The interplay of light and shadow adds cozy romantic vibes in this dark-colored space.
In the 27-ping (approximately 89 square meters) space, the layout of three bedrooms, one living room and one dinning room is designed to fulfill the needs of a family of four. The horizontal axis connects the traffic flow to public sphere, while the horizontal expansion allows the maximum amount of light to enter the space. The private sphere with a high level of privacy is organized along a vertical axis to fully utilize every space. A delicate hidden door is embedded seamlessly into the space to build a clean, simple corridor.
The flower tiles on the entryway floor extend upward as wall decorations. The hexagonal tiles are specially arranged in pairs to create the image of a starry night sky to soothe the mind when returning home. The large-scale walnut hardwood flooring brings a serene atmosphere into the space. Its original wood grain texture offers a sense of unobtrusive beauty.
The gray paint is hand-applied with a trowel on the main TV wall. The spontaneous brushwork and solid wooden countertop carry natural and unordered tone so that the residence is immersed in a casual vibe.
The transparent glass and minimalist iron parts form a barrier between the living room and the study room, while the frame in the middle section is deliberately detached to leave blank space and prevent the room from being oppressive.
The dark tones of the flooring continue to dominate the walls in the dining space, while the cabinetry, kitchen island, and lamps are all clad in wood to add warmth to the dining environment. The marble dining table is tightly connected to the wooden kitchen island, and the outer side is connected to the ink-colored high cabinet. The inlay is carefully measured and designed to create harmony between the volumes.
Upon entering the bedroom, the pure white color with a comfortable sleeping atmosphere welcomes you. The low chroma colors dilute the intensity lightly. The simple materials embody a pure and stress-free space.

Change Interior Design Ltd.

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