IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by 21 Design

Projet Description

01『Scenario Design|About Space』
This is a 500-square-foot large flat, how to allocate space according to function? And the result of the allocation can make the space have the atmosphere of a mansion, without losing the warmth of home is the key consideration of the design
The space is not big, but the relationship between space and space is the essence of luxury.
Space is supposed to serve time and people
If there is no contrast in space, there is no hierarchy and story
The layout of space is the first of design, it is like the body shape and silhouette of a person
There is time in space
There is also space in space
Interior space can be seen as a condensed version of architectural space
Material is an important element to distinguish space and integrate space
Maximizing the diagonal is one of the secrets to extend the space
02『Scene Design|About Time』
Time brings the change of light in the design
In addition to fate, every object needs the right time to meet. Material change is the product of time.
Every material, every object, cannot exist without time
In three, five, ten years, will it look better and have more flavor? This is a very interesting perspective in scenario design
God said, let there be light, and there was light. Because of the appearance of light, there is also day and night and layers
Time has a different meaning for each item
A space that can grow must use the perspective of time to think about the spatial scenario
Time is a process of change, and we must learn to enjoy each stage of its difference.
With time, space becomes vivid and rich.
03 『Scenario Design|About People 』
People are the most loving element in design.
What is the beauty of being in a space that grows as time changes?
It is because of people that space is different and time is more meaningful
To be human-centered is not to be self-centered, but to find the relationship between people and to be true to oneself
There are actually design principles for relationships between couples. And people should also have principles of existence in the space
People, time and space are the three main elements in the scenario design method
The relationship between characters and people is again the most beautiful existence in space and In fact, we have not only gained a set of works, but also a beautiful relationship with the whole family.

21 Design

Two people, with the same heart, do a good job of private house design. This is the original intention of the two founders of 21 Design to name 21 Design.
21 Design was founded in 2008. Now, we have passed 14 years and entered the second stage of growth. In this second phase, our common goal is to create more loving homes for more people!

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