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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

white residence


Project Description

When I first met YOUNG and his girlfriend in 2021, both of them were sunny and optimistic, and the communication when they first met was very pleasant. I remember he told me why he chose this house, from the geographical location to the advantages and disadvantages around the characteristics of the house. I was slightly surprised by the well-organized exposition. After all, both of them were young.
In fact, whether a case can be done well can be vaguely perceived when you meet the owner at the first meeting. Perhaps this is a professional sensitivity of a designer, which is strange to say but does exist.
Give the house a growth force, and hope that this space will continue to grow and bring changes with the passage of time. This is the basic concept for both of us to locate this space, and how to complete this concept is the subject of this case.
In the basic space, we only choose white and gray, so as to give enough space for the later space growth. Large area of white can contain more possibilities in the future, and it can carry more colorful life. The gray ground brings a sense of stability and sureness to the space, so that a white space with a height of more than 4 meters can stand there steadily. With the height advantage of space, we raise the living room area, which makes the regional change of space produce more experience.
Scheme discussion, construction, and process are intermittent for various reasons, with various twists and turns. It took us three years to complete our original idea. During this time, we also changed from the relationship between designers and owners to good friends who made an appointment for dinner and wine. Perhaps the greatest significance of space and time lies in bringing people's emotions into a continuous link.


Born in 1992, I like painting since I was a child and have been engaged in design for more than ten years. Good at expressing design in the simplest language, It is my design principle to add functionally and subtract visually. Actively explore more space possibilities to bring interest and value to users.

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