IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Chaolong Hui — artistic dwelling, awakening color space

by AnLi

Project Description

Space is the container of life, only when the container is good enough, can we infiltrate a good life. I hope to use the beauty of art to empower life, so that my clients can live with the beauty. In terms of spatial structure, I made three changes: 1. According to the living habits of the owner and his wife, the TV demand is directly cancelled, and the original TV wall is changed into the sofa background wall. Elongate the depth between the entire guest restaurant, release the living room space, the floor-to-ceiling Windows lead the river into the house, and the sky and water color are soaked.
2. Change the living room into an audio-visual room, reduce the excessive space of the master bedroom, and classify the cloakroom area into an audio-visual leisure area. Added security when sleeping in the master bedroom. Let the movement line of the leisure area extend to the balcony to enhance the spatial dimension when the girlfriends come to play.
3. The actual space of the daughter room is small, the window is slightly narrow, and the light is insufficient. There is no more room for books. A row of bookcases on the upper wall is made along the 90-degree wall, which is connected to the integrated desk. Change the bathroom door to super white long rainbow glass door, so that sufficient light in the bathroom can be borrowed into the bedroom.
In terms of soft furnishings: jumping colors are used to make the space younger. And designed a lot of original pieces to make the customer's home more unique.


Graduated from the New Media Department of the School of Art, Zhejiang University of Technology, and then went to Germany to study in Duscet University for half a year. I like traveling, movies, and design. In the private residence service, the pursuit of "become the customer's butler" type of intimate service. The role of the designer is very similar to that of the actor, who needs to become the customer himself to make the most suitable design for the customer.

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