IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Whisper of the Wood

by Yincheng Interior Design

Projet Description

Natural light spreads through the floor-to-ceiling windows into the room. Mixing with clear white, it shines on the wood-paved residence to create a warm and quiet living scene. In order to embrace abundant light, a full-width window on one side maximizes the amount of light, while glass is used as a door panel on the other side. Its transparency brings in natural lighting as well as airflow into the house.
The earthy color on the entrance floor adds stability to the atmosphere, and the hand-painted wall is the vista. The rustic texture combined with the gentle color keeps the noisy sounds outside, making the entrance a buffer zone when returning.
The plastering marks of a trowel follow the structure and turn to the main TV wall, bridging the relationship between different fields. The TV cabinet on the lower level extends horizontally and connects the wood elements to the floor and the cabinet, creating a warm and pleasant room. A circular curve on the ceiling injects smoothness into the view. Breaking away from the square pattern, the curved line adds softness and layers.
As a core area in the house to cook, hand brew coffee and strengthen family bonds, the wooden dining table combined with the kitchen island with bar can provide multiple functions. The custom-made cabinets are equipped with all the necessary electrical equipment to create a clean, clutter-free scene.
The tatami mats in the Japanese-style room capture a Japanese aesthetic vibe. The natural touch and scent of the bulrush make you instantly feel at ease in a cozy atmosphere. The raised tatami mats provide ample storage space underneath the room.
Peaceful atmosphere flows into the bedroom. The beveled edges of the cabinets in the hallway replace sharp corners to ensure safety and increase walking space. Along with warm yellow light particles, the light wood color as the main axis of the space offers a comfortable sleeping environment.

Yincheng Interior Design

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