IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Essence of Tranquility


Projet Description

Home is a secluded place from the hustle and bustle of the city. Away from stultifying and emotionally oppressive skyscrapers, the tranquil home can hear souls and bring a sense of belonging. The timeless elegance of a Japanese aesthetic sets the tone. Wood is incorporated into the design to offer warm and gentle atmosphere. Elevated tearoom emits playful accents. Combined with modern materials, the space presents a contemporary Japanese style. 
Inside the house, glass blocks facades create privacy without having to lose natural light, while the curved shape like two arms enfolding you in a big bear hug to make the space welcoming and relaxed. Natural light filters into spaces through glass blocks, a blur of shade is reflected. The flooring is made of rough mineral sand to interpret the simplicity and tranquility of a Japanese garden. The combination of different materials makes the entrance not only a place to change between shoes and slippers, but also an area to calm the mind.
In the public sphere, walnut flooring welcomes a sense of character with its beautiful natural grains. The open layout provides a sense of transparency and openness. The main view is framed by ink color to bring a sense of calm and serenity. Geometric wooden frames form the TV wall, adding playful accent in hierarchy. Large windows on both sides are Shoji-style sliding doors which aim to block out excessively bright daylight so that rich Japanese vibe is filled in every inch of the space.
In the canopy, another spatial axis is drawn from the top to the bottom with three different dimensional arcs, while its large span connects the living room, tatami room and dining room to tighten the interrelationship among different fields. The flooring in different materials echo the fluidity of the canopy, allowing the beauty of smoothness hidden in this tranquil space.
The kiln-fired red tiles on the floor are divided into diamond shapes, while the rough surface is deeply chiseled to reveal the traces of passing times. The natural skin-friendly tatami provides unrestricted function. You can enjoy a peaceful resting time by learning tea ceremony and reading books in the company of the sky light.
The carbon black tones build up the stability of the dining space, and the stained marks on the old wood tell the passing of generations. The pure white door leaves a bit of breathable blank space to reduce the overwhelming sense of oppressiveness. Warm yellow light source spreads out the lumens across the space to create a cozy and welcoming dining atmosphere.


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