IDPA Japan Design Award

Fan Zhi Dao

by Zeng Zuocheng

Projet Description

The whole space tonal design uses warm white wallpaper as the main color, accessories with blue-green as an ornament, the green nature into the indoor space, quiet, harmonious, elegant, fresh and natural atmosphere, elegant living space. Design from the traffic lane to receive and then to the visual, to modern design concept of simplicity, to people and space perception of the joy and convenience of life, warm and comfortable-based, the design compose the whole elegant living space. The convenience and comfort of human settlement life and space aesthetics are integrated. The area surrounded by the SOFA formed an excellent social area. Even if it was a large area to sit down, it would still maintain a light and airy atmosphere. It would be the best place to relax physically and mentally. Looking from the living room, the open island is connected with the dining table, which is not only a dining area, but also a multi-functional space for visitors, makes the hot social atmosphere and the cold composition of the space into a dramatic contrast, become a design of interesting strokes. The light and breeze are convective, moving between each functional plate, the penetrating spirit and pure breath fill a room, or come slowly with time, or with the interaction of people and pure to simple. Wind, light, shadow of each instant flow, and space, residents interwoven with just the right warm atmosphere.

Zeng Zuocheng

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