IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Wangzhu Villa

by China Real Estate Huayou Design Group

Projet Description

From natural mountains to modern cities, the healing wind is like a clear spring in the desert to modern people, so as to absorb the motivation of life. The support behind this logic is to fit the life scene and emotional communication of individual human beings.
For the popular minimalist style and Internet celebrity design style, it is highly sought after because of its quietness, calmness, strong visual orientation, and its own characteristics of easy to take pictures. On this basis, it is difficult to maintain its own minimalist and transparent space texture for storage and practical use in daily home life.
The design that is in line with the natural environment and the habits of human habitation, and the concept of healing texture with more humanistic care, is more in line with the designer's understanding and interpretation of the true demands of spiritual experience.
The place of ownership of this case is Anji, the land of bamboo seas in the north of Zhejiang. The superior geographical location and natural environment make the designers focus on adapting measures to local conditions in the early stage of the project, mixing the comfort and serenity of nature with the chic mood of leisure life, and strive to create an escape with rich connotation and healing significance. Pure Land Paradise.
For the project design with natural environmental conditions, being able to introduce natural scenery into the context of dialogue is already deeply rooted in the hearts of the people from the dimension of locality, not to mention the dual bonus of advocating natural life aesthetics.
The presentation and tribute to local elements does not lie in the stacking of various cheap symbols. Through the abstract connotation expression of local cultural images, the aesthetic needs and technological standards of modern aesthetics are unified into the formal language, forming a unique space atmosphere experience.
The organic integration of culture can effectively enhance the sense of space atmosphere. The focus on the nature of design and spatial attributes is also the focus of attention and performance when we conceive the project. The building, landscape and interior are organically blended, and the open treatment method dissolves the boundary between indoor and outdoor, so that the flow and continuity of space can enter the room, and it is closer to the symbiotic field of blending from the foundation of the form.
Wangshan Tingzhu
The real appeal for recuperation and self-healing led to a series of layout plans at the beginning of the design. Choose to use all-wood veneer in the living area of ​​the master bedroom, making the overall atmosphere warmer and warmer. The pine green terrazzo pedestal adds a touch of modernity and hardness to the warm atmosphere, neutralizing the charming color of warm fragrance and jade.
The transparent sunlight is accompanied by the elegance of temperature, which makes the atmosphere of the whole space grow naturally. Standing in the bathtub by the window, looking up at the distant mountains outside the window, accompanied by the curling voiceless, the bamboo sea and the blue waves in the mountains, the feeling from top to bottom is slowly and comfortably washed away.
The exclusive second-bedroom suite on the third floor pushes the realm of enjoying the pure and elegant charm to a new height. The natural separation of Chinese sliding doors organically integrates the bedroom with the washroom and dressing area. The basic tone of dark gray and the dark wood veneer further strengthen the sense of wrapping of the space, deliberately creating a cosy world after returning home.
Xiaoxuan window, is dressing. The outdoor landscape pool on the roof, the breeze is gentle and the water is not turbulent. In the mild weather, you can enjoy the open and beautiful natural clarity in the bathtub on the terrace. Isn’t it a bit of healing and comfort in the running life.
warmed with wine
The two basement floors appear as activity areas and spiritual healing for the entire villa. Even with the depth of six meters underground, the transparency of the patio can still bring sufficient lighting and rain from the ground to the ground, and the greenness and vitality are abundant in the chest.
The two old-fashioned game consoles on the side bring the original ingenuity and feelings back to the leisure time of modern life, making the feelings and memories come alive again with the lively sound effects. The special-shaped table in the center of the space, with scattered toy components and mechanical tools, fully confirms the unchanging truth of "a man is a child until he dies", and the whole space becomes very interesting.
The healing of the soul not only requires thinking alone, but also requires soul touching when friends gather together. The second basement floor is driven by sufficient activity fields and multiple social spaces. With the parallel connection of multiple small scene spaces, combined with rich forms of rest, the relaxation of private space and open space has enriched the layered experience of the space, making the communication between people more traceable and dynamic. remain stable.
One day mountain residence
The beautiful scenery of the courtyard is brought together in one room, and the courtyard landscaping outlined by the curve, all of which provide a leisurely and comfortable space atmosphere.
With a large area of ​​dark wood veneer laying the keynote of the space, the open space moving line design not only ensures the enclosed space field, but also creates a sufficient sense of security and encircling aura, so that people who enter the space can unload the space. Be prepared to fully stretch every corner of the nerve.
Sunlight connects the vertical spaces of the five floors in the morning and afternoon through the patio, and at the same time ensures sufficient lighting on each floor, the vitality of the plant wall is implanted into multiple life scenes. The pre-embedded laying of regular drip irrigation pipes solves the problem of later maintenance and maintenance, and extends the near-field state of continuous symbiosis from the outdoors to the house.
The dining and kitchen area is centered on the central island, and organically integrates the meal preparation area with the dining area, creating a relaxed and natural interactive atmosphere, combining multiple usage scenarios. The entire storage space ensures sufficient living functions, and the overall dark tone is inseparable from the difficulty of later maintenance.

China Real Estate Huayou Design Group

VBD Design Group, founded in 2011, has been adhering to the global design orientation for ten years, with unique core competitiveness of "interior design, product development as the main body, soft decoration design and practice, engineering management and technical support", with Special Grade A qualification for architectural decoration engineering design, it has established in-depth cooperative relations with hundreds of well-known real estate companies, and the projects are all over the country.
As a practitioner of better urban living, advocate "the spirit of place GENIUS LOCI". The company's main business types include: high-end residential real estate, residential industry standardization, urban complexes, commercial offices, cultural and educational institutions, boutique hotels, etc. The group has a professional team of more than 100 people, bringing together a large number of professional design talents at home and abroad, and its design works have repeatedly won many international awards.

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