IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Lower Stacked Model Room of Huafa Four Season in Wuxi

by Huafa Jinglong Construction

Projet Description

HUAFA Jinglong is responsible for the interior design and fine decoration of the this lower stacked model room. The whole interior has a dialogue between restrained aesthetics and space. Through the pure design concept, the residents of this home have a stronger sense of resonance, so as to create inner peace. The living room takes simplicity and elegance as the main expression elements, and the dining area takes the central island as a platform to integrate the functions of eating, storage and washing basin. The master bedroom and guest bedroom are presented in a simple and elegant style. The highlight of the whole space is on the underground floor, which combines the pleasant and leisurely landscape of Jiangnan gardens to create a stair side landscape. It is an entertainment area with both bar and sofa leisure, so that art, life and quality can be perfectly integrated, setting off the infinite pursuit of quality life. The private audio-visual room, huge projection screen and green plants can broaden the vision of the space. The laminated study takes high-strength glass tables and chairs as the main character to express the artistic quality and cultural pursuit of the residents. The outdoor garden integrates the surrounding scenery. The garden is an area for receiving guests, meeting and talking freely. It is also a space for the harmonious family gathering.

Huafa Jinglong Construction

Zhuhai Huafa Jinglong Construction was established in 2014. The company's business composition includes five sectors: public decoration business, customized hardcover business, indoor research and development design, soft decoration business, and building curtain wall.Has obtained building decoration engineering professional contracting qualification, building decoration engineering design special grade a qualification, with general contracting, building curtain wall engineering professional contracting secondary, steel structure engineering, mechanical and electrical installation, intelligent, fire control, municipal lighting and a series of construction qualification, ISO system certification (environmental management system, quality management system, occupational health management system), intellectual property management system, has more than 90 patent technology.In 2021, the revenue scale exceeded 2.5 billion yuan, achieving rapid growth for six consecutive years.

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