IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Greenland. Wanzhou Wancuicheng Stacked g-1 apartment


Projet Description

Wanzhou's landscape feelings are the inspiration for this space creation. We hope to construct a spatial narrative of roaming and immersion, guide sensory synaesthesia, and form a progressive, vivid and complete narrative logic. First of all, we adjusted the entrance position of the courtyard, integrated the two courtyards into a large courtyard, and divided the independent laundry function area and the private courtyard for the elderly room. The sliding door is moved to the outside of the expanded space to maximize the connection between indoor and outdoor space in the form of a folding door, and form a vestibular function and leisure space.


PINCHEN DESIGN was founded in 2001, 20 years of DESIGN precipitate, now has more than 100 people international DESIGN team, office area of 3000 square meters, every year PINCHEN will DESIGN about 300 sets of excellent works for the national market, for the company to create many achievements and honors. We load emotion with material, record time with light and shadow, get inspiration from nature, change life with design, manipulate vulgar and boring, and endue life quality with charm. With the most sincere humanistic spirit, it tells the story of space. What we hope to feel is not only the design, but also the influence of art and the demand for history. We serve the top developers, such as China Greenland, Jinke, caixin, Longhu, Jinhui, HongKong Land, China Merchants and more than 30 other long-term and stable strategic cooperation. At the same time, I hope to inject surprise into daily life and activate life with design through commercial space and exhibition space.

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