IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Deconstruct space aesthetics, interpret the new definition of life

by Buyanspace

Projet Description

When people's space is squeezed by various substances, it loses its essence. We have to get rid of all false, superficial and useless things, and leave the real, essential and essential things, so as to get more space, more comfort, more efficiency and more beauty.
After staying in the bustling city of reinforced concrete for a long time, the heart will gradually become anxious and impetuous. After the day's introduction, we are looking forward to a simple and pure poetic resting place, so that every time we go home is a kind of spiritual relaxation.
Light and shadow crisscross to find their own time.
At the same time, creating beauty in the home is not short of the convenience of living lines. Our lifestyle has also changed with this case. The negative space of this case is 4.8 meters high. loft connects the life experience with the light borrowing plan as the core, allowing the light to design and the shadow to separate the levels.
Touching life with light, breaking the tradition, and naturally integrating into the light-borrowing plan. A place where you can meditate and calm yourself is a resting place for your spirit. You don't need too many piles. Green plants can enrich the light and shadow levels of the space and warm the whole space.
Partition with TV wall between sitting room and dining-room, saved a space to divide an area again, the integral sex that does not destroy a space but make each area has independent function again, the sitting room will realize dimensional language with the contrast of colour rich.
The living room is the place where the whole house entertains guests for the longest time. The optional U-shaped sofa and furniture form a transparent field of vision, which makes communication smooth and unobstructed. The designer uses a simple and simple design language to make people, space and life complement each other.
The transparent floor-to-ceiling glass is the most delicate and wonderful way to feel the natural time, showing different light and shadow at home, bringing the vision of space extension, making the space open, and at the same time introducing light to the maximum. The machine background + marble platform base is visually comfortable and artistic, creating a free and comfortable new home.
Cream gray and natural marble blend natural light, with natural quality and unique charm.
Semi-open kitchen and dining area, independent of each other, are integrated. With the smooth dialogue between light and space, each space is integrated, with warm color as the visual axis, which is simple and open, and the combination of purity and functionality. There are not too many eye-catching decorations and jumping colors, but some are calm and implicit. The bright and clean material of the counter collides with the wood veneer and the heavy stone, and the hardness and softness coexist, showing a different texture instead.
There are infinite possibilities for the living function, work, meditation and reading in the study area. Sunshine, green plants, bookshelves, this is how many people dream of a home. The extension and experience of the light-borrowing plan completely breaks the state of insufficient lighting experience in the conventional underground space.
Classic wood color and baking paint embedded lines create stunning space with excellent light transmission, so that light can freely fall on every corner.
With the satisfaction of the living function of the bedroom, a simple visual sense is created. The background wall of the bed is made of light gray soft package splicing, which makes the space unobtrusive, soft as a whole, and gives off a mild breath under the light and shadow.


Never tired of space is by a group of experienced high-end full case designers and excellent product designers hand in hand to create a full case space design team. Specializing in the transformation of special design to the whole case space design mode, cannon traditional design concept, give life to home products, to provide customers with a full range of customized services from style and function to equipment, custom furniture, software, ruanpei and professional lighting.

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