IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Midea Real Estate – Pearl River Unit C1


Projet Description

The overall design is based on a number of logical principles: firstly, to maximise the river view, secondly, to showcase the value of the space as much as possible, thirdly, to have a suitable location for all kinds of living scenes, and fourthly, to allow the client to connect with the space. Based on this main logical setting, the logical one-piece entrance cabinet extends to the display cabinet area of the dining room, opening up the space of the living, dining and piano areas for public activities, as well as the open setting of the bedroom and the large scale corner dormer window, all with an open view of the river, presenting a gesture of embracing the sun and the river towards the window. The efficiency of the functional use of each space also needs to be kept up, with the relationship between the use of multiple scenes of living, etc. Seeing the river flowing, looking at the forest building towering, sitting on the clouds and frost, facing the wind and birds flying away, listening to the piano incessantly, everything is a comfortable and leisurely state.


Shenzhen DATONG Design PTE.LTD is a comprehensive enterprise integrating spatial design and soft furnishing art, providing clients with creative design solutions for high-end residences, hotels and clubs, extending to more precise and customised services.DATONG Design insists on upholding an attitude of excellence and is committed to providing clients with professional, efficient and systematic all-round brand premium solutions. The team insists on a combination of high professionalism, high service quality and cross-domain brand resource integration to exceed customer service expectations, using culture and art + aesthetic creativity to enhance the commercial and artistic value of products in a holistic manner.

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