IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Central Yunjing Model Room

by DID Design

Projet Description

Italian romance under the spirit of the city: Central Linyi, Shandong Yunjing Model House Art makes you in the passage of time every moment to get the highest enjoyment in the urban life of the interest and artistic context, creatively“Italian romantic under the spirit of the city” design style, in addition to the daily, break through the limitations of the city to create a luxury living classic aesthetics and lasting charm. Living space represents a kind of attitude towards life and an ideal life that people are fascinated by.
Living Space
270-degree landscape space, all living areas, people can flow, space and many adhesions, neither separate and contrast into fun. The overall design of the space builds people's contemporary ideal of luxury house life. The public areas are open-plan, with smooth layouts, large floor-to-ceiling windows, and transparent corridors to create a simple and orderly floor plan logic, thus providing comfortable ventilation and lighting. Although the dining room and the living room blend, but the skillful use of different materials and lighting, elegant and smooth lines, connecting the natural sense of the field. The heart pursues the warmth of home, taking care of the compromise between home and freedom, and building an open and intimate dining environment, connecting the Living Room Sofa on the one hand, connecting the western kitchen on the other hand, deepening the stronger family atmosphere from the changes in the field.
Enjoying Space
The master bedroom is quiet and orderly, presenting a refined and concise aesthetic temperament. Light Gray bed with leather wall, light and shadow between the virtual and real contrast, let a person more relaxed comfortable. Simple home and lamp modelling, construct the visual feeling of silent Enron. The second bedroom space is clean and neat, clean and elegant, creating a pure high-quality living space. The texture and appeal of the space is reflected in the collision between the material and the color. Boys Room integration of trendy shoes, handbags, games, music and other popular elements, the overall space free cool, rich personality, fully shows the passion and vitality of youth. Girls Room with fresh poetic green and warm orange, revealing a strong natural style, so that the space is full of vitality and vitality. Yellow, pink and other colors into the space, so that the harmony between warm and cold, appropriate movement. Lively modeling ornaments, fully fit the child's nature, so that children can actively and happily pursue their own pure dreams. Balcony as a leisure space, fashionable and simple combination of seats, elegant and lustrous Easel, extending the space of artistic and imagination, filled with quality of life time. Music, books, paintings and other art forms, in a comfortable atmosphere, sublimation of free and Easy high-end style, people can always immerse in a new soul travel. In the space design fusion art life, the good life relations, follows the time, follows the heart, leads the real estate design to the extreme evolution with the advanced life style.

DID Design

Shanghai dide Architectural Design Co. , Ltd. is a set of interior design-soft furnishings-architectural design consulting as one of the design agencies. By a passionate professional team formed, can survey the overall accurate grasp of market positioning, with the overall sense to guide the design, with design quality to enhance the value of the product, to“Into it, beyond it”, to achieve the recent convergence of development ideas and design ideas. From cultural background, regional characteristics to business planning and project management, Dede architects have unique insights and rich experience. Over the years, the company for Renheng, Metro, Vanke, Green Hong Kong, overseas Chinese city, Rongxin, Tai Wo, Cinda, Yoshige and many other front-line housing enterprises to provide quality design services. Our innovative design concepts and practical project management methods help our clients create the most outstanding and competitive projects within a limited time and budget.

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