IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Wandering in Nature

by A Mountain Design

Project Description

The interior designer of this residential project is mindful of the owner's love for nature and chooses natural materials to create a residential ambiance that brings nature into the interior space. The goal is to make the residents feel like they are in a forest, an ocean, or a valley, especially when they are at home. As the residence is meant to be a retirement home, the designer creates a spacious and flowing layout that allows the residents to move around freely and enjoy a relaxed living atmosphere.
Upon entering the house, you will notice that some of the cabinets are located near the entrance of the living room. The designer utilized a corner-cutting technique to ensure safe movement and avoid any potential harm caused by sharp objects in the area. Additionally, the living room features a TV back wall design inspired by the owner's love for the azure sea view. The blue fluid marble pattern creates a rhythmic visual representation of the sea, and to ensure that the view is visible from different areas, the designer added a chased iron cabinet that allows the view to penetrate and delineate functional areas. The dining area has an open space plan that includes a center island, providing ample space for family interaction and communication. The large window design allows natural light into the room, creating a soft and warm atmosphere and reducing the need for lamps. Lastly, the bedroom uses a light earth color as the base, creating a comfortable and stable resting atmosphere in the warm sunlight.
The designer masterfully controlled the balance between marble, iron, titanium-plated metal, tea mirror, black glass, and wood veneer to create a cohesive and pleasing overall look for the space. The storage system was cleverly integrated into the wall to maintain aesthetic appeal while still meeting the residents' storage needs. The project also prioritized eco-friendliness and non-toxic materials to demonstrate the designer's commitment to the quality and health of the space.

A Mountain Design

Our belief is that design has the power to transform lives. It is our hope that everyone who enters the new space will appreciate and admire its beauty, leading to a greater appreciation of life's precious moments.

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