IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Leisure-The Hsu’s Residence

by Xiangxiang Design Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Spatial design is a creation that includes function, material, craftsmanship, aesthetic form, artistic style, and spiritual idea. This is a residential interior design project, with the widespread use of wood as the focal point of space and decorated with a few different colors and soft textured furnishings, shaping an exciting and elegant residential style.
Inside, a glass screen in the shape of ink and water is set up as the foyer, which is beautiful and resolves the feng shui problem. In addition, the living and dining rooms are integrated and combined with the large floor-to-ceiling windows to make the space feel more spacious and brighter. The designer placed a low-color gray-blue leather sofa in the black, gray, and wooden living room base, maintaining overall visual harmony and enlivening the spatial imagery. In addition, ink and wash elements on the living room TV wall and dining room table continue to create echoes between the areas. To meet the demand for ample storage, the designer has planned large storage cabinets on both sides of the dining area for residents to place various objects. Leading to the study, one will find the designer has used a gray glass cabinet as a partition design to make the space permeable and subtly weaken the sense of space barrier.
Moving slowly to the private area, one will notice that each bedroom is decorated in a different color to reflect the personal style of various family members. Entering the master bedroom, which is rendered in lotus purple, the unique design of the bedside wall enriches the visual layers. The unique bedside wall design enriches the visual layer. Among them, some European-style furniture is arranged to create a charming and elegant taste. The second bedroom, with gray tones and wood tones, exudes a calm and restrained atmosphere, showing the bedroom owner's intellectual charm. Finally, the second bedroom is decorated in pastel colors, with warm earth tones and rose pink tones, creating a light and elegant atmosphere that relaxes the residents.
Through the designers' proper use of color configuration and material texture, the project adds the finishing touches to each area, creating a bright spot in each space. In addition, the designers have delicately planned out a lot of storage space, combined with the design of gray glass, to achieve the effect of great function and space amplification. In this way, the ideal living environment of the owner's family is constructed.
The house has external windows in both shared and private living areas. The designer uses gray glass cabinets as partitions to allow natural light to flow freely through the space and illuminate the entire space. In this way, it is not necessary to turn on the lights during the daytime, and it can satisfy the users' needs for light sources, thus reducing the use of lamps, prolonging their life span, and reducing electricity consumption, thus achieving the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction.

Xiangxiang Design Co., Ltd.

Communication matters during the process of design. It is the basis of design, a very important lesson for all. A great communication between designers and customers is the key to a complete and well-thought project. Xiangxiang Design’s mission is to assist each customer to accomplish one’s dream.
Designers apply their professional skills, logical thinking, and aesthetics appreciation to match customers’ needs on functional design in spaces. Selecting different materials, colors and textures to combine evenly balanced, the designer can therefore create a special place customized for each individual. Customers’ trust is the start of our service. The serious attitude of being responsible for each step of construction is the reason why each design can be completely interpreted in reality.

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