IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Vivid calm

by Seven

Projet Description

A quiet and deep home should quietly reflect the inner world of the resident, inject the inner perception of life objects into the space to produce emotion, and present the space temperament in the eternal contemporary design aesthetics. Dark colors create a profound background, while the scenes about the life of a frame of life, slowly overflow, with a vivid calm. All details from people's fundamental needs, quality of life as the material, pay more attention to mental and emotional value, after the screening process of heavy and complicated, from the furniture material to the color, texture, from the break up a space to determine function, arouse the correlation of various regions, different series life scenes, let a space is no longer the same cold, Into the spiritual power of space connotation. Break up to the line and detail control on, reflected a kind of relaxation degree self-confidence, linear and arc crisscross tired fold, interweave and become exquisite silk slippery transition, reveal a kind of languid lazy and comfortable. It breaks the visual limit of middle height of the building and gives each space a larger scale relationship, making it have a unique personality and charm. If we follow the established style and design theory, we will not have a free new world, but we need to care more about the living conditions of the inhabitants. The bedroom had different expression, arc draws the outline of an art, straight line expresses feeling, firm and soft aid. The closer the design is to the essence of life, the more it can affect the deep emotional interweaving.


19 years working experience in interior design, the construction industry "engineer", excellent interior designers in fujian province, China's top ten luxury designers, Chinese household top designers, China international building decoration of 2012-2013 for the most innovative class) (meeting space, the fujian large design institute, the design director of fujian, a leaf, domestic outfit (commercial) Ji 5 institute director
Deputy chief designer of Fujian Guoguang Yiye • Platinum Han, fujian Guoguang Yiye • Top ten designers
Main honors: CIID Interior Architect Center (Fuzhou) member, 2006 Fujian (Fuzhou) Excellent interior Designer, 2013 the 8th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair "2012-2013 Most Innovative Design Figure (club space category)", 2016 (Fuzhou) 11th Interior Design Competition home decoration program category second prize, 2016 (Fuzhou) the 11th Interior Design Competition public construction scheme award, 2016 (Fuzhou) the 11th interior design competition new elite designer, Fuzhou first environmental protection building materials Association - director, Fuzhou Interior Designers Association vice president.

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