IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Comfortable residence by the West Lake

by Hangzhou Sheshi Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Since ancient times, West Lake has been the "beauty" of Jiangnan in the writings of literati and writers. How many years are frozen in this slow time of relaxation, making people linger endlessly.
The southwest of the apartment is across the lake from Baochu Pagoda. In the early morning, the golden morning sun wakes up a lazy lake and mountains; in the evening, birds cut through the sunset and dye the clouds with rouge. Taking Hangzhou's unique West Lake field, combined with the characteristics of the natural environment, to create an indoor mood, "mounting" the multiple ranges of hills in the room, you can really feel this static beauty when you are in it.
In the environment, we should abide by the stable and quiet relationship with nature and return to the essence and true meaning of life as much as possible.
A large piece of pure white blurs the boundaries of each area, making the entire space seamless and reshaping the perceived order of the home. Neutral white has great tolerance and freedom, making natural light closer to the original appearance. Between the order and the boundary, the infinite way of life is elaborated with the help of light and shadow, and the freedom of all thoughts is accommodated.

Hangzhou Sheshi Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

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