IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Haikou Luoniushan Joyous Mansion Sales Center

by Shenzhen Wenhua Design Consultants Co, Ltd.

Projet Description

The project is located on Binhai Avenue, Haikou City, Hainan Province in China. The rustle of the sea and the bustling city life is in harmony. As the landmark of the urban development, it loses the sense of marketing atmosphere while retaining fashion and avant-garde, showing the heritage of the oriental modern city.
The designer shows the harmony and unity between exterior and interior space, between the partial and the whole in a unique way, called the movement of steps and shift of scenes. Whether it is the external environment or the internal space, it reflects the techniques of borrowed scenery in indoor space. The entire space is designed in good order and shows stability and limitless with the unique artistic beauty and architectural materials in every detail.

Shenzhen Wenhua Design Consultants Co, Ltd.

Shenzhen Wenhua Design Consultants Co., Ltd., focusing on hotel and real estate design, headquartered in Shenzhen, provides customers with a full range of integrated design services. By deep-going the current market, we possess the world's cutting-edge fashionable vision to perfectly integrate life aesthetics and the perception of beauty into every space. We provide customized design and professional consultation such as designing and planning, spatial creation, soft decoration accessories, designing and production of art installation, and overall control to the high-end real estate companies, commercial complexes, hotels, headquarters offices, brand chains, and other enterprises. Therefore, we win high brand attention and receive high praise from the community. In addition to providing professional space and architectural design services, Wenhua Design has also established its brand-Piaoting, which is the integration of life aesthetics. Piaoting provides an integrated service including customized R&D, art exhibition, and cultural space of products such as ancient art, medieval furniture, and oriental utilities. In 2020, the "YICHATING" art exhibition opened in Kyoto, Japan, and in-depth cooperation with many well-known Japanese contemporary artists. At the same time, it includes art brands such as Gardeco, Eurofashion Homeconcepts, ATELIERS SED PA, and Sophia from Belgium, France, Greece, and other places.

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