IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Two Boys’ Home

by Dream Cat Space Design

Projet Description

This is a top-floor duplex located in Shanghai, China.
On the first floor, the designer planned an open and flowing space with flexible partitions, walls, and colonnades.
On the second floor, the designer used the very limited floor height and created an attic as a secret space for the two boys by partially lowering the floor.
This added attic can be descended from the south to the sunny study on the second floor, and connects to the children's room on the second floor from the north, and the three functional blocks together again form a three-dimensional flowing space.
The designer not only eliminated the sight line and emotional blockage of traditional rooms, but also created two-dimensional and three-dimensional functional and activity lines, creating an open and exploratory living place for the family.

Dream Cat Space Design

Dream Cat Space Design, co-founded by architect Niki and structural engineer Yang. They have been exploring the field of 3D space, using their expertise to seek the best form of space transformation and to show the beauty of these spaces.

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