IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Ture | Realm of Sincerity

by Yuquan Li, Xinyu Zhang

Projet Description

The Japanese bread concept store is located in the Mixc of Shantou. Drawing inspiration from the brand concept of simplicity and ordinariness, the designer spiritualized physical space to offer consumers a slow-paced leisure space in the busy city.
The designer introduced the Japanese wabi-sabi home style into store design. The main materials including microcement and oak wood veneer, paired with the light colors, set the serene and simple tone for this project. The central circular island ensures the sale function of the bakery, and the open plan design brings the space better breathability and ventilation so that the functionality is consciously weakened to leave a more free experience space for customers. The beige (the color of wheat flour) walls adopt the beige travertine technology, the simple, rough and grainy surface of which is a metaphor for bread’s nature and earthiness. In this way, a pure visual effect is formed, whose combination with the crystal-clear light leads to the soft diffuse reflection, conveying the interest of the primordial slow pace to customers via the more layered light and shadow. As a light decoration, the surround floor lamp strip connects the beige walls and the microcement floor so as to achieve the consistent style of the space, further enabling users to be fully involved in leisure and relaxation.
The left wall for viewing different stages of flour fermentation acts as the spactial focus, which vividly replicates the ease and vitality of small stores in Japan; besides, such a visual expression gives a direct interaction with customers to naturally show the whole life of bread, bringing about warmth felt like family.

Yuquan Li, Xinyu Zhang

Li Yuquan, male, is a senior environmental art designer and member of Architectural Society of China. Now as a lecturer in the College of Fine Arts at Hanshan Normal University, doctoral candidate in industrial design at DONG-EUI University and chief designer of EYU-DESIGN, he engages in space design practice and theory research.
Zhang Xinyu, male, is a senior interior designer and member of Architectural Society of China. He now serves as a chief designer of EYU-DESIGN and lecturer in interior design at Yuedong Senior technical school, and engages in exploring space design practice.
Pursuing the design concept of "Enjoy Your Unique", EYU-DESIGN advocates that space design is a creation which gives space the perceptible dynamic and significance, realizing the transformation from physical space into spiritual place. Focusing on innovation, EYU-DESIGN is good at digging for the unique value of customers via an independent perspective to build a new high-quality space that can be visited and perceived.

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