IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

exhibition hall of Shenzhen Huafu Information Technology Co., Ltd.

by Yiping Huang

Projet Description

From an international perspective, this program interprets the attention of companies committed to artificial intelligence and software research and development on the pursuit of technological breakthroughs such as computer algorithms and visual technology and humanistic and emotional care. The case is located in Shenzhen Software Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
Background: This design concept is about the research and application development of advanced algorithms, platform systems, application software, intelligent hardware, and scene solutions in the field of Internet and AI. Through the comparison of different materials and the display of a variety of lighting methods, it highlights the vertical industry scenario applications and software services of enterprises in the fields of smart manufacturing parks, smart travel, smart finance and Internet platforms.
Planning: The exhibition hall's moving line planning takes the best viewing center of the large screen as the origin, and radiates out various display spaces from the center of the circle in a radial manner: 9 parts such as the large-screen display center, the product application scene display space, and the time and space channel. With the combination of 15 ultra-white glass arrays to form a space-time channel, mapping the beginning of the corporate culture display, through the reduction of the height of the entrance channel as a primer, with the technique of "to shrink in order to enlarge", the subsequent display space is "enlarged". When the visitors walk out of the passage, they will gather the visitors in a higher and more visually focused spatial expression, and highlight the tension space with the design language of "LOOP". Direct the visitor's visual center to the large-screen display content. The product application scenario display and the subsequent interactive display of the product are presented one by one along with the flow of the ring.
Material: In order to enhance the spatial layering of the exhibition hall, the space-time passage at the entrance and the vision display wall on the side are in the form of linear lights and ultra-white glass side luminescence. A matrixed map of China was formed with 286 alec columns, tangent to 15 vertical pieces of glass. It reflects the deep understanding of enterprises on the strategic decisions of building a digital economy and digital society in the "14th Five-Year Plan" national informatization plan. The red highlight on the map shows the layout of the company's branches nationwide. Through the digital engraving of glass CNC and the permeability and refractive characteristics of glass, the layout of branches in various places is presented. Explore more possibilities for display forms, and the introduction of semi-transparent materials makes the space more continuous and flowing.

Yiping Huang

Yiping Huang, the chief design director of Solank ET. Co., Ltd., has served as the art director of TEDxFutian (now renamed TEDxShenzhen), a member of the Shenzhen Bao'an District Young Entrepreneurs Association,.
In the past 10 years, he has refined a unique understanding of space design, design concept: dedicated to shaping the sense of place that expresses emotions and temperature, thus triggering participants to communicate with emotional space. For different spaces, in addition to focusing on elements such as material combinations, light shaping, and spatial tension, we emphasize the connection that evokes emotional resonance (Resonating Recognition).
won the award of the 2021 Japan International Pioneer Design Awards Top 100 Character Award.
Won the award of the 2021 Golden-Creativity Design Awards Top10 Elite Designer Award, and 2021 Golden-Creativity Design Awards Top10 New designer

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