IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award



Projet Description

Guide by the care for “home” and the pursuit of beauty, CONLIA HOME IMAGE STORE is committed to its concept that stresses the cultural connection between “home improvement” and “home”, providing proposals of better life for households, and also creates a young and stylish Chinese-style space inspired by traditional Chinese house and oriental household lifestyle.
The entrance is grand, and the brand LOGO on the carved and hollowed-out facade wall forming a half-open style is perfectly matched with the shelves in the exhibition hall, with highly recognition, highlighting the brand sign and products. The overall interior follows the brand style with natural, comfortable and elegant features. With reference to the square and symmetrical group layout of traditional Chinese architecture, the function division is modularized through ceiling processing. And, the thematic scenes are set up based on the function division, triggering off the imagination of consumers to enhance their experience. The showcases with different heights and sizes can ensure the full use of space when displaying products, forming a large and orderly changing space. The intertwined passages and the modern and simple block-surface display racks complement each other, displaying the products in an all-sided and effective manner while creating a natural and transparent space atmosphere. Besides, the design team lifts elements such as trusses and paper-cut for window decoration from traditional Chinese architecture, and selects modern stainless steel and sunlight panels for communication space, enabling it to be separated but interconnected. The combination of different scenarios of functional division adds a sense of spatial level and gives the space a traditional humanistic aesthetic taste, more in line with modern living habits and aesthetic habits.
The whole space takes burlywood and white as the main tone, which comes with various thematic scenes to subtly make a contrast among parts while integrating parts into the whole, thereby contributing to a warm, soft and comprehensive home atmosphere. The match of wood and stainless steel creates visual impact, highlighting the new Chinese style, while the application of rattan-weaved materials and soft fabrics brings natural and elegant oriental charm to the material.


QIANYI DESIGN, founded in 2015, has been committed to providing all-round services such as planning, design and promotion of visual image for different types of brands or enterprises. It has a design team consisting of many senior designers and a professional construction team, with long-term experience in serving famous brands.

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