IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo


by Ching Chuan Interior Design

Project Description

The combination of modern building materials and the simplicity of the Zen style creates a new Japanese landscape of a humanistic touch. Outside, the elevated flooring depicts the garden landscape. The shadow of a fence changes through the day. The fair-faced concrete walls harmoniously blend with lush greenery, adding a touch of elegance to the space.
The arch creates a warm and inviting atmosphere at the entrance. Light passes through glass blocks, creating subtle boundaries. Flowing daylight fosters interaction between the interior and exterior. Meanwhile, it improves the privacy of the interior space. The spacious indoor corridors create a grand and sleek horizontal dimension, while the hand-troweled plaster on the facade subtly adds a rustic and elegant charm. To enhance the brand identity, the counter in deep red creates a visual focal point in the understated space and adds layers of sophistication.
An art installation is situated in the center. Its wood structure conveys the profound culture of the tea ceremony. The process of brewing and serving tea is an art form. TP TEA not only offers rich and flavorful tea but also provides every guest with heart-warming hospitality. The stacked wooden structures represent the process of tree growth over a long period of time, from seedlings to towering heights. This concept is rooted in this concept shop. With a deep root and the ambition to grow horizontally, TP TEA hopes to establish a local presence in Taiwan and expand the business globally in the future.
The air ducts and track lighting on the ceiling cleverly contrast with the warm and mellow wood elements, once again showcasing the harmonious blend of modern and Zen styles and creating an exquisite modern Japanese aesthetic.

Ching Chuan Interior Design

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