IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Yu Sir

by Initialday Interior Design

Project Description

As an ice cream and dessert shop in the town, the shop echoes the slow and simple vibe of the township with the mildness and simplicity of Japanese style. Without complicated arrangements and redundant partitions, the open and unobstructed layout with a warm wood base creates a wandering path of light throughout the space. The translucent glass delineates the space to deeply immerse it in natural elements.
The door is made of wood and glass, giving customers a warm welcome. Instead of typical double doors, the sliding doors break away from the commercial interior design. Meanwhile, windows on both sides are enlarged. The combination of the grille and the waiting area delineates the boundaries of the space and maintains the sense of transparency. Strato cement texture paint on the extensive wall pairing with wood structures and plants can highlight the feature wall. The orderly arrangement of wood decorative strips contrasts with the hand-painted wall that seems random and spontaneous, creating a strong visual contrast among different materials.
The half-open food preparation area shows customers the transparent process of food preparation. It not only allows staff to provide safe, good quality food but also enhances the interaction between the staff and customers. Instead of rigid boundaries, a strong sense of humanity fills the space. The spacious seating area provides ample space for dining comfort and ensures a smooth flow.
To design with sustainability in mind, wood is extensively used in the space. Wood generates less carbon emissions than other building materials, making it an ideal building material. By opting for green and non-toxic building materials, we ensure better indoor air quality and a space that is free of hazardous substances. Besides, the number of windows has been greatly increased to maintain good ventilation and air flow.

Initialday Interior Design

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