IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Jazz Space Design

Project Description

This project highlights "fashion and luxury" in its design, but with a unique approach. The design team has opted for a low-key and restrained color scheme, which exudes calmness and elegance. Simple lines and transparent patterns have been incorporated to create the illusion of a more spacious living area, resulting in a grand and elegant living space. The house's location has been utilized to incorporate window openings in all areas, allowing nature to flood into the interior. The four-story space has been designed to include a stunning dining and kitchen area, perfect for hosting guests. The top floor boasts public areas such as a multi-purpose room and an audio-visual room, while the private areas cater to the residents' preferences and incorporate a wide range of functions. The result is a unique and magnificent residence that combines the essence of classical, modern, and luxury. Residents can enjoy a high quality of life, as well as indulge in entertainment and leisure.
The interior space of the residence is designed with a subtle, understated color palette that creates a soothing and calming atmosphere. The living room on the first floor is a masterpiece of design, adopting a calm and noble dark brown color, which is both sophisticated and inviting. The side windows are thoughtfully designed to extend the greenery, creating a sense of tranquility and connection to nature.
An electric sliding door connects the hall with the kitchen area, which is a work of art in itself. The kitchen area is designed with a combination of titanium-plated metal, glass, stone, and other complex media, which create a unique and stunning aesthetic. The overall design of the kitchen area is open and spacious, with smooth routes that make it easy to navigate.
The round dining table is a focal point of the kitchen area, providing ample space for a large number of guests to dine comfortably. The center island cooking table is thoughtfully placed, increasing the flexibility of the space and making it easy to cook and entertain at the same time. Overall, the design of the house is both smooth and majestic, creating a sense of luxury and relaxation for those who live there.
The design team has taken great care to meet the individual living space requirements of each family member. They have accomplished this by creating separate rest areas on the second and third floors, complete with independent bathrooms in each room. The second and third floors have been decorated using elegant and stable colors. The movement lines are clear, and the layout is square, imparting a sense of both sophistication and composure.
The fourth floor has been specifically designed for leisure and entertainment. The audio-visual room on this floor is particularly noteworthy for its visually expansive experience, achieved through the use of numerous mirrors. The flooring is made of smooth gray-brown marble, providing a sleek and sophisticated appearance while still being convenient to clean and maintain.
To ensure a sustainable and comfortable living environment, this case utilizes environmentally friendly white piano lacquer. The built-in LED light bar in the storage space is processed with F1 plates, which are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and non-harmful to nature. This helps to protect the integrity of the environment. Additionally, to reduce the use of artificial lighting, a large number of windows are designed to allow sunlight to penetrate into the house. This approach achieves the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction while injecting a new wave of green energy into the luxury of modern living.

Jazz Space Design

Whether it’s cultural or artistic, sensitive or reason, classical or modern, minimalistic or luxurious, every space has its own style and taste, and you can always enjoy it through the essence of life.
Jazz Space Design is a team of professional designers who will listen to the clients and keep the communication going. Our goal is to meet the clients’ needs and expectations for the space as much as possible through digging their living experience. We find the balance between sensibility and reason and interpret the value of space through aesthetics to present our clients the sensation of a wonderful design.

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