IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Tree Tea on Bulang Mountain


Projet Description

Through the analysis and excavation of the visual cultural connotation of the 12 zodiac signs, combined with the visual effects of embossment without printing ink and penetrating iron, the unique artistic language and expressions of the 12 zodiac signs with Chinese national characteristics are integrated into the product packaging design, so as to promote and spread the uniqueness of Chinese zodiac culture. A good tea, with a high-end packaging, adds more color to the tea, not only suitable for placing at home, but also suitable for relatives and friends.


A CREATION PACKAGING (SHENZHEN)LIMITED is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, development, production, sales and service with a series of advanced supporting facilities, such as five printing machines, three metal coating machines, two sets of plate-making machines and plate-baking machines. Provide high-end packaging for gift companies, advertising design companies, food factories, wholesalers and other large, medium and small enterprises. The products include exquisite business gifts, wedding gifts, advertising gifts, electronic gifts, etc. Through product planning, design, processing, packaging solutions and other services to achieve and meet the needs of customers at different levels.ther enterprises.

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