IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

China Tea Pu’er

by Li Xiaoha

Projet Description

Since ancient times, Chinese people have always loved tea. Lin Yutang once said, "As long as there is a pot of tea, the Chinese are happy wherever they go." Drinking tea is an experience that is most likely to escape the tedious and boring daily life. Half is the comfort of tea soup, and half is the infection of space atmosphere.
In the city constructed of reinforced concrete, the existence of the tea room is to block the traffic from the outside world. Entering the tea room through the bustling crowd, and changing the scene, the change of space will also slow down the mood. One cup at a time, let people in the city blend in with their body and mind, and calm their minds.
The designer extended some elements of the Soviet-style garden and the decorations of the Song Dynasty to the tea room. As far as the eye can see, there are small bridges and flowing water, and lush green plants. With the help of the natural Zen of water, stone and wood in the courtyard landscape, the interaction and flow in the space deepens the diverse spatial experience that the site gives people.
The aisles twist and turn, and in the winding path leading to the secluded atmosphere, people and space are naturally integrated, enjoying the unique elegance and tranquility.
Designers create visual surprises for people in different forms. In order to avoid the tediousness of the functional arrangement of garden-style buildings, a hierarchical logic of "inheritance and transition" is created through the differentiation of the structure of each functional area inside the space. Flexible flow.
Through "calligraphy and painting, wood, tea" and other oriental utensils, it is transformed into an expression of the atmosphere of an independent private room. The warm light on the tea table reflects the small scene on the table. The elegance and beauty pay tribute to the "Song" aesthetics, and the quaint artistic conception is interpreted in a modern form.
Sitting indoors and living with the aroma of tea is like being in the deep mountains and deep valleys, looking at the changing scenery outside the window, which makes people feel isolated from the world.

Li Xiaoha

Cleo.lee post-90s designer, founder and creative director of Morikawa Design. After graduating from Southwest Jiaotong University, he received his master's degree in Public Space Design from RMIT University. Prior to founding Morikawa DESIGN, he worked as principal interior Designer at SAMLO DESIGN OFFICE in Singapore He is a member of China Interior Design and Decoration Association (CIDA) and a member of Jiangxi Special Committee of Architectural Society of China (CIID)

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