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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award



Projet Description

Kayoo is a foot bath series product brand focusing on Japanese experience. kayoo means a cultural symbol of "comfort". The products do not deliberately emphasize the so-called popular elements, but endow the products with the most real value based on the real use experience from the customer's point of view. At the same time, through the simple design and the user experience of humanistic care, the products are sublimated to the cultural level. Kayoo will always maintain the original core concept of the brand, bringing customers life-changing "comfort" and "freedom".


The initial design: from the heart.
We return to the beginning of the design, from complex to simple. Adopt the latest design concept, think about the essence of design in reverse, and return to the real needs of users. Try to outline a spiritual product with minimalist lines. The foot bath bucket can be changed from bucket to "stone", and it has given a stronger sense of technology, so that the product can be better integrated into the home environment.
Design Process: Our Effort.
In essence, it starts from quietness, trying to create a quiet and comfortable environment for users, so that users can relax their mind and body in the busy urban life. In terms of user comfort, according to the concept of people-oriented, we focus on the actual experience. For the first time, the design of the inclination angle is adopted. Users can use the most comfortable posture to take a foot bath. After many repeated tests, the optimal inclination was finally selected. angle. In creating a quiet space, after repeated tests, we have developed a quieter massage device and structure to achieve a real mute effect. And introduced the concept of atomization and flowing water table, trying to make the product based on spirituality, let the product change from a tool itself into a space, and bring users into a leisurely and comfortable environment. Even in the subtle button design, we go from the complex to the simple. Finally, it evolved from 10 buttons to the final 3 buttons, which really reduces the user's cost of use, and can start the experience with a simple click. Design comes from life, and details determine quality.
Design concept: start from stillness, return to the heart
In the whole product design, we try to design the details to the users carefully, and create a sense of ritual in life to improve the quality of life, such as the lingering smoke, the thin sound of water, the soft lighting, and the massage of the buttons. What we try to give the user is a feeling, a state of mind, a comfort, a ritual, an experience.ther enterprises.

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